How to Bring Colour into Your Wardrobe

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How to Bring Colour into Your Wardrobe

Up until the mid 19th century, ladies’ clothes tended to be in various shades of brown and grey, unless, of course, you were wealthy, in which case what you wore and the colour was very much seen as a status symbol.

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Since then, fashion has changed beyond recognition and synthetic dyes have changed clothes forever. Not everyone thinks about whether or not a colour suits them and people will often choose a colour simply because they like it.

Fashion tips

Many brands and designs market their clothes to appeal to various body shapes and age. However, some of the fashion tips which are relevant to all women have been known for many years, such as horizontal stripes don’t flatter larger women and shorter ladies shouldn’t wear long dresses, although you can’t go wrong with a black maxi dress. 

The constantly changing messages about what is in fashion and what isn’t are confusing, and many women don’t have the disposable income to keep up with all the latest trends. So the best advice is to find a colour that you like and one which suits you, because wearing it will make you feel good and therefore look good.


There are, of course, certain occasions that call for specific looks, such as a job interview. If the job involves customer service, then the more professional and well dressed you are, the better an impression you will make. If you are looking for a black maxi dress visit AX Paris for a great selection of smart and casual designs.


If you like a variety of colours, take comfort in Meghan Markle’s recent trip to Morocco, which saw the Duchess wearing many different styles.

When looking for a colour that suits you, think about what goes well with your skin colour, as a shade that complements your skin will make you look healthier. For example, a colour that matches your eyes will emphasise your features. 

As a guideline, white and pale colours on pale coloured skin can give a tired and worn out appearance, and likewise, a dark colour can reflect on the face, so if you are lighter skinned, go for pastel colours. Also think about the weather and the time of year, so wear autumnal colours in autumn and yellow sunny colours in the summer.