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A way by which covering is offered against any unexpected financial loss is known as insurance. There security against the loss of value of worth is offered by an entity known as an insurance carrier. The individual or entity who is offered the protection against financial loss through the purchase of insurance is usually referred to as the insured. So as to determine the occasions in which the insured is legible to a compensation from the insurance company in the event of a financial loss, an insurance policy is usually issued.

Premium is a set value by the insurance company to the policyholder in order to facilitate the efficient covering. In the event that a financial loss that is covered for in the insurance policy occurs, the insured makes a submission of a claim through effecting a claim adjuster to the insurance company. An insurance carrier usually observes a various number of set instructions in the providing of a security cover against financial loss.

One of the guidelines that is followed by the insurance company in the provision of insurance cover against any financial loss to the insured is through the observation of big sums of same exposure risks. The observation of large numbers of similar risks is so as to achieve the aspect of pooling of resources by the insurance company so as to enhance easy compensation during a claim by an insured. The other guideline that is followed by an insurance company in offering insurance cover is that the loss has to be definite meaning that it has to be known.

Another condition under which the insurance organization will accept to get the give an insurance protection against the financial loss that may be suffered by an insured is that the financial loss has to be out of the control of the insured. The insurance company also considers the size of the probable loss in that it ensures that the loss is large. Another prospect of an insurance cover follows the fact that the premium that is charged on the insured has to be manageable.

The probable financial loss for which an insurance cover is provided for by an insurance carrier to an insured should follow that the financial loss is calculable. Another characteristic that would qualify it for insurance by an insurance company is that the loss should not have the probability of happening in a sequence of similar losses at the same time thereby constituting to large losses. An insurance company offers a number of insurance covers that protect against different financial losses.

An auto insurance is one of the insurance covers which offers covering against the damage or loss of a vehicle owned by an insured in the event of an accident. This protection also caters for other occurrences such as the destruction of the vehicle or loss of the vehicle through theft.

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